Sacha de Wijn, founded by Dutch artist Sacha de Wijn, stands for quality wristwear for men. The bracelets, made of beautiful gemstones and distinctive silver beads, are the result of the artist’s passion for precious metals, beads and statement pieces.

In 2008, Sacha decided to fully dedicate his time to art. Since then he has used many techniques to come to his signature style today; graffiti, acrylic paint, textiles, sound and anything else he could get his hands on. But the urge to create didn’t stop there.

Sacha’s passion for distinctive jewelry along with his signature style artwork are united in the silver beads. By creating the beads, he found a way of making the art become smaller, wearable and accessible to a larger crowd.


Sacha de Wijn’s signature silver beads, with tribal-esque faces and bold lines, joined by a striking selection of gemstones are the base for ORB. We’ve chosen to work with 8 and 12 millimeter beads in our bracelets, which are big enough to stand out when worn solo, but small enough to look great while stacked.

Quality is in our core. This means we’re involved in every stage of fabricating the 925 sterling silver pieces and manually check each gemstone. To us, only superior materials are good enough to put your tailor-made bracelet together and we’ve made sure to provide you with beautiful robust packaging to store your bracelet in.